The Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin exists to achieve our mission:

To improve the wages, benefits, recruitment, retention, and public awareness of direct service professions to enhance the quality of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities.

CAPOW Membership

In becoming a member of CAPOW, your organization is joining with a diverse list of providers from across Wisconsin.  For over a decade, CAPOW has been putting the needs of the Direct Care Workforce in Madison.  CAPOW has become a respected leader in Long-Term Care workforce issues with the Department of Health Services and with elected officials.  Additionally, each organizational member of CAPOW can serve on our board to help direct and coordinate our legislative activities Your organization will gain valuable insights into local and state change in Long-Term Care through CAPOW's engaged network of providers.    

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to lobbyist knowledgeable in the workings of state government and involved with a large number of provider organizations.
  • Regular electronic legislative updates from Lobbyist.
  • Direct contact with Legislators that directly affect our industry.
  • Personal meet-and-greets with key players in the managed care/assisted living industry.  
  • Board Membership leading to greater name recognition for your organization.
  • Building increased awareness of workforce issues
  • Information sharing among different parts of the State regarding Family Care 
  • Professional support staff organizing CAPOW’s efforts.
  • Strong member dedication to mission and vision statements
  • Membership open to community-based residential and vocational providers providing strong networking opportunities.


CAPOW Actions

We engage in the development of policy matters with Department of Health Services in areas of regulation changes and issues effecting direct care workforce to assure the best outcomes for the people providing services and those served by them.

We provided forums for Managed Care Organizations to meet and engage providers from across the state.

We engage regularly with elected officials and their staff about issues effecting long-term care and the staff providing services.

We provided a Family Care Conference to give providers a better understanding of the goals of long term care redesign and its impact on the outcomes for the people providing services and those served by them.

We give agencies the ability to be part of CAPOW decision-making and engage key policy leaders within the State of Wisconsin.  

To join CAPOW:
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Agency Revenue

Annual Dues

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Annual payment plans are available for membership dues.

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