The Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin exists to achieve our mission:

To improve the wages, benefits, recruitment, retention, and public awareness of direct service professions to enhance the quality of community-based services for people with developmental disabilities.

CAPOW Believes:

  • People with Disabilities and their support staff enrich our community.
  • Direct care professionals deserve to earn wages and benefits which reflect the value of the services they provide
  • CAPOW believes:
Quality Workforce
+ Quality Funding
= Quality Services for People with Disabilities
  • CAPOW leads the advancement of community-based services that support people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful lives.
  • We are a network of providers, supporting over 4500 people with disabilities, and representing 4500 direct care workers and 2500 guardians. Our members provide services through CIP1A, CIP1B, COP, TBI, CSLA, Family Care and other related long term care programs..
  • CAPOW is committed to assuring that Wisconsin has a viable private provider sector to promote consumer choice, a strong workforce, adequate funding, and appropriate regulation.

To get involved, please go to our membership page.

CAPOW works to advance our mission through the work of our lobbyist, Ramie Zelenkova from the firm Hubbard Wilson & Zelenkova. We strive to keep our membership up-to-date with urgent an on-going workforce and industry issues. On behalf of our members, we advocate for preservation of funds and urge our legislators to increase funding.


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